Hi all, I know it's been awhile since I blogged but I am back and it feels great! Crafting into business has grown into a Coaching business to help women start their own Craft Business.
Yes, I now coach and guide women into a more financial freedom with their business.
I have so much to share and show you. So get ready because I have loads to share!

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Hugs to you all and Happy Mothers Day

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Crafting into Business is in full swing on bring you loads of craft business information. We have combined our crafting and business together to get you the most for your money. I believe you will enjoy what I have done. Visit my site at

Revamping our Craft Magazine and A Brand New Website

Hi all Happy Holidays to my readers and fellow bloggers! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to let you know that we have a new name for our Online craft magazine. We are now called Crafting into Business! We also have a new website with the same name. Stop over and grab your FREE copy at

New Craft Show Venture

Hi I know it's been awhile since I've posted. So let me give you the short version of everything that has been happening. First of all I'm now living in Newport News which is about 40 minutes from where I used to live and closer to Williamsburg, VA. It's a wonderful apartment near everything and when I say everything...I mean Joann's Fabric is 2 blocks from me. How is that for close. :-) I now have ventured on to Craft Show Event Planner. Yes! I can't believe it myself. I must say it's a dream come true for me. Which means lots of insight on everything you want to know about a craft business, business books, craft shows, vendor set ups and so much more. I see another book coming out! lol Our first craft show is this Fall! It's October 11, 2014 from 9-5pm at the William & Mary College (trinkle hall). So if your near Williamsburg, stop on in. And we have a new website called "Crafters Walkabout Events" Last b…

Idle Mind makes Nothing Happen

Hi my fellow blogger Friends, I know it's been ages since I've post something about crafting or business for that matter. This summer has been a world wind of ups and downs, good and bads. Yet I survived and I'm slowly moving on.First and formost, I've moved to the other side of the water. Which means I'm further away from the Virginia Craft shows (boo, hoo). But closer to the Richmond and Williamsburg Craft shows! (Hurray)! This move was along time coming and I prayed and let god take over. Yet I'm now doing shows alone which means more pain killers for the knees and back! I guess I better start doing those exercise tapes to keep this old body in shape! I'm nearly unpacked but my sewing room is still a mess and papers are everywhere!. So I came up with the posting title above Idle Minds Make Nothing Happen! For example: You want your business to succeed and you always come up with ideas on how to get to create a better product or draw in more customers. Y…

Pinterest for Your Business

Good Morning Everyone! Yes, I'm up at the crack of down 7am with the sun shining and the first thing I want to do is Pinterest! I know I'm kind of behind in the times and never considered joining until I came across a webinar on Pinterest for Your Business. It was Free and I said "What the heck, I mind as well see what all the noise is about". So I listend in for nearly an hour and I was hooked! She discussed on ways that your pinterest can be part of the seo search. Also some very valuable information on how to pin your own craft products without saturating the board and it won't get you in any trouble with their policy. So if your considering growing your business through Pinterest, google the words "pinterest for your business in the search box and watch what happens~. Well I'm off to Pin some more then I will have me some breakfast and start my craft day! Hugs

Craft Room Clean--Creative Mind Begins

Hi, Well I finally got around to cleaning my sewing/craft room. It was amazing how much hidden supplies I had found. Now I know where everything is and can find things without tripping over myself. lol Here are my before and after pics: Before After With my room looking normal again I can concentrate on the business side of my crafts. So I'm sitting at my desk this very second and remember reading something about Esty thinking about wholesaling. Here is the link: very interesting read but there was no particular time line on when it will start yet it feels great to know that they are considering it. Although I sell my crafts to boutiques on consignment there are times when the pricing can be tricky. Therefore I'm starting to look into other avenues on getting my business noticed.