Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amazon Contest Winners

Hi All,

Congrats goes to following ladies who entered the contest. Denise, Libby and Rustic Heart Treasures! You all get an autographed copy of my book. Please email me your addresses. Shipment of my book will be mailed to you after the holidays!
Here's a peek of my author page
I'm so excited and nervous because now I have to work on book #2. My sister said that an author has to have another book ready to go. :-)
Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Very First Pattern

Hi all,

I thought I would share how I got to this point of selling my book at Amazon. I'm sure many of you have thought about writing a book or it at least crossed your mind. I know it didn't cross my mind until I started my own craft magazine and realized I had alot of funny things happen to me while in this crazy craft business. I decided I wanted to share what I know and hopefully help others. So here I am...
To start off let me show you my very first pattern. This was the one that started me on this journey to where I am now. You can say I blame it on the cat.
My first pattern was McCalls called Fat Cat! I changed the ears up and now I have my Chubby Bunny! I sold these cuties for $15 which was big money to me back then.

Here is what the original pattern looked like. I must say that they were the cutest pattern I ever bought and simple to do. Even if it took me 2 hours to make one bunny. lol
It has taken me 22 years to get where I am now. But if I can help you get to this point quicker with my experiences or what I call bumps & bruises then I will do what I can. Welcome to my's gonna be a bumpy ride so hold on. lol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amazon Day Contest!

hi all,

Today is the day I send my e-book to Amazon. It will now be turned into a paperback book! Yipeee! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I kept putting it off and scared to take the next step. Then I thought...why was I so scared? It's the same feeling I felt when I first opened my craft website back in 2006. So I took a deep breathe and is the day!

So to celebrate I am starting my first contest!! I will be offering my paperback book For FREE. Post a comment and follow me to double your chances to win! Once the contest is over I will be choosing 5 lucky winners!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally Finished and Now it's Time!

Hi all,
I thought it fitting to say this to myself over and over...Finally finished your book and now it's time to get it to the public!! It took me nearly 5 years to get the book in motion but it's completed. Although it's been on my sites and facebook for a few months as an e-book, it was time to get it to Amazon.
I already have book #2 in the works and hope it won't take me another 5 years to get it done. lol
So now comes the fun part marketing and promoting....ok it's not fun but I have to fool myself somehow into thinking it will be. :-)
For those who don't know me....I've been doing craft shows for over 22 years and decided to share all my bumps and bruises with you. Of course all of it's not bruises but alot of fun and informative things I learned while doing shows.
One of the things I learned is to bring an extra pair of pants. Why...well lets just say that I spent most of my time in a porta-potty repairing some
Oh the details are in my book and loads of other tell all stories.
So if you get a chance, grab a copy and read all about it. :-)
Well I better run and get some things done on my sites.

Blessings to You